Do you work with couples?

Yes, many couples come to me to improve their sex lives and communication skills. Together we will explore how to reignite passion in your relationship, break toxic patterns, and understand your triggers so you can feel more connected. The unique dynamic in my couples sessions creates a safe space to share fantasies, learn how to “fight fair,” and improve physical performance and timing concerns.



Do you work with both women and men?

Yes, I love working with people of all genders.



I’m single. Can I work with you even though I don’t have a partner or girlfriend/boyfriend?

Absolutely, I work with lots of single people, and one-on-one sessions offer a unique opportunity for us to leverage role-playing to refine your skills. I act as your partner and offer feedback, so you get to practice being a better lover.



What can I expect during our sessions?

Some sessions will be talk-based, focused on providing counsel, determining what you want in sex and relationships, receiving feedback, exploring old messages and healing the past.

Others will be experiential and interactive, including hands-on touch, interactive role-playing, breathing exercises, visualizations, sound hearing and more. This is where real shifts occur. Safety is my ultimate concern, so I check in with you as we go through sessions to make sure you are fine with what is occurring. Everyone, practitioner and session attendants, remains clothed during sessions.



I’m not in the bay area or I’m shy about meeting in person. Can we still work together?

Phone & video sessions

For those who are not in the area but wish to do in-person sessions, I offer intensives which are typically between 8-10 sessions broken up into 2-3 days with all travel expenses paid by client. If you are interested in intensives, just ask and we can discuss more specifics.



Do the sessions get sexy?

YES! We practice erotic touch, sexy talk, core erotic themes, and escalating sexual fun. Many sessions consist of talk, exploring emotional and intellectual issues, but in other sessions we might practice biting and throwing each other up against the wall. I give you hands-on instruction about the mechanics of how to move, grab, touch, and seduce your lover’s body and mind.



Why should I choose to work with you instead of a certified MFT? Or why should I work with you instead of a traditional talk therapist?

Training for talk therapy professionals such as MFTs and psychotherapists doesn’t always include sexuality. More importantly, therapists certified by the state are not allowed to touch their clients. I am specifically trained to work hands-on.





What is your cancellation policy?

Upon booking session, payment is due to hold your spot. I require 48 hours advance notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment. If I don’t receive proper notice, the payment is non-refundable.