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Sex & Relationship Coach in San Francisco Bay Area

Whether you’re building muscle, learning to code, or mastering a new language, it takes time and consistency to achieve results. To assimilate new behaviors, we must practice and immerse ourselves. This is why language immersion schools are so successful. Becoming a better lover works the same way.

My approach combines Somatica® and Hakomi teachings with the core yogic principle of breath, my background in counseling and tech education, role play, real time experiences, and dance. This approach creates big transformation in a short time.

Overcome Sex and Relationship Problems. Intimacy. Couple. Megan Paige. San Francisco

Somatica’s interactive and practical approach to sex and relationship therapy is based on the neuroscience of how we learn. My training in this revolutionary method has inspired my coaching practice.

Dance taught me how powerful our bodies are when it comes to seduction and sex. I’ve practiced modern dance, ballet, and hip hop for years, and I believe we communicate a lot about sex with nonverbal cues.

My degree in education impacts my delivery in how I teach sex education. Reshaping our knowledge about sex education impacts how you experience pleasure and how you talk about your needs and desire.

Yoga teaches me daily that the deeper we breathe into our bodies, the better sex we have! As a certified yoga instructor, the most valuable thing I teach is the relationship to breath and how that cultivates our erotic selves. When we breath deeper into our pelvic floor, we open up parts of ourselves that are a turn on to others.

Hakomi method influences Somatica and is a body-centered healing modality drawn from Eastern philosophy. When we apply these teachings to our sexuality, we get the heart of sexual healing.

Role play and real time experience bring excitement and fun because you get to become a better lover right there in the moment. My experience has proven that inviting the physical body to the work expedites the road for change.

Addictive behavior counseling may seem controversial for a sex coach, but this modality facilitates an understanding of how body triggers restrain intimacy. I’m skilled at navigating the defense mechanisms that block you from achieving the life you want, and I learned those skills in my years as a rehab counselor.