Sex and Relationship Coaching. Megan Paige. San Francisco. Sex Therapy.

Megan Paige

I first learned about sex from magazines and friends and later in an hour-long health class at school with little discussion and awkward giggles. Like most people, I received mixed messages about sexuality.

This motivated me to read everything I could get my hands on having to do with sex, relationships and the human body. I went on to earn my BA in Education. I trained in Somatica® , which I combine with core yogic breathing principles and Hakomi as well as my background as an addictive behavior specialist and as a dancer. Learn more about these modalities and my approach here.

Today I teach people to demystify pleasure in our bodies. I provide up-to-date accurate sex information, down to earth demonstrations, and real feedback to help you live the life you truly desire.

Since that awkward health class in middle school, I’ve become an expert in how we relate to each other physically and emotionally. I believe all people deserve a life of pleasure and can become more free in expressing themselves sexually.